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Otto Stool
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The Production Process

Filmed as demonstration only.

eoq stool
eoq link table
eoq joseph
Michael Young
Orsted Desk Pale gold walnut situ
eoq Bramah Bedside Lamps Grey
eoq sustainability
bramah floor lamp
eoq shindo
Dub Small Pendant

CNC - First shaping of the extrusion

Filmed as demonstration only

Dub Large Pendant
joseph small pendant

CNC - cutting the extrusion

Filmed as demonstration only

eoq designer
bramah table lamp
michael young

In a career that spans little more than 20 years, British-born and Hong Kong based designer Michael Young established himself from the beginning as one of the world ’ s leading figures in his trade. The uniqueness of Michael's work lies in his constant questioning of typologies and habits, combined with the pioneering passion for technology that brought him to Asia. He continuously crosses boundaries and pushes innovation to it's limits in a fresh approach that effortlessly blends east and west while marrying the industry to what is often seen as it's very opposite: sheer poetry. “ It is design as industrial art that interests me, not in a limited edition, but in mass production ” .

Michael Young designed this collection for new Hong Kong brand eoq as a response to an open offer to create anything he wanted to in their factory. Whilst working on the design of a new restaurant in Asia Michael believed this would be the perfect chance to build a solid and holistic collection for the brand. The 4a collection explores new technologies and typologies made available only by working with highly skilled engineering facilities in Shenzhen, China.

For Young the chair was developed through observation of Mac book industries. “ I realised that if I could capture the engineering skills employed by local industry and put that depth of knowledge in aluminium research in furniture design using a similar mass-produced nature, I could design a state of the art and relevant chair. In recent years chairs have taken all nature of shape and form due to the use of plastics, but plastic in itself is not a pleasant material to use. Its tactility and its aging process are highly unpleasant. For the same price I can use recycled aluminium and in fact create a more sustainable chair that also utilises skilled labour rather than the press of a button. The tooling is complex but we created a chair that lasts a lifetime, engineered beyond plastic technology and far more sustainable ” .


Filmed as demonstration only

Otto Barstool
Bramah Large Wall Sconce
eoq gillingwater2
eoq Bayer shelf Oak Grey situ
factory table lamp
brussel exibition


Filmed as demonstration only

Joseph Bedside Lamp
joseph floor
milan floor lamp

CNC Shaping

Filmed as demonstration only

Joseph Small Wall Sconce
Joseph Large Wall Sconce
milan echibition bayer
bramah grey
Bramah Small Wall Sconce
milan orsted
quantas lounge
eoq brussel exibition
eoq young 1b
eoq pistachio chair zixag

Final check by hand

Filmed as demonstration only

eoq Living Edge bramah pendant2


Filmed as demonstration only

eoq barstool
eoq marble table
eoq chair 4a1
eoq chair 4a2
eoq Cafe Deadende
eoq Cafe Deadend1
eoq gillingwater
eoq young 22b
eoq bramah workshop
eoq bramah cluster
eoq young 24c
eoq Living Edge orsted chaiir
eoq Living Edge
eoq Living Edge bramah small
eoq Living Edge joseph pendant
eoq Living Edge bramah pendant
eoq Living Edge orsted joseph
eoq Night Market installation
eoq Night Market closeup
eoq Night Market wideview
eoq Night Market longTable
eoq industrial process
bramah small pendant
eoq marble table
joseph table lamp
orsted desk
bramah pendant copper
eoq night market short table
eoq story chair4a
bramah pendant cream
joseph large pendant
bramah silver
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
eoq night market short table
bramah grey
bramah grey
milan bayer